About Us


The Carolina Foothills Schutzhund Verein (CFSV) is a ‘no excuses’ training club! We are a group of dedicated German Shepherd Dog owners and trainers who strive for poetry in motion on the Schutzhund field.

We are high drive owners with high drive dogs and expect our members to shine on the field! Our motto: “Train, don’t complain!” For those who are willing to work for each and every point,
we may just be the club for you!

Train, don’t complain!”

We are a group of very dedicated people who enjoy the partnership with our dogs. We train, show, and breed German Shepherd dogs for both top level competition and the show ring. We do not discriminate against either the working line or show line GSD, but believe we cannot only co-exist but truly learn from each other.

We work hard with our dogs and members to make harmony in motion with handler and dog – working as one to a greater end with each other, and as a community. We enjoy our dogs and anyone that would love to work and bond with their own dog.